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I (@BradBaloo) am hung over. Completely hung over. It's hard to write podcast blurbs when you're hung over. It has to be said that there is a certain amount of professional negligence that occurs under the guise of a 'hospitality rider', which is ostensibly your employer providing you with endless iced buckets of glorious boozy booze while you carry out your job. Oh black mother I suckle at your teat...

I like to do five things when I'm hung over, including the following:

1. Wrap myself in a superking size duvet & perfect my human burrito impression.

2. Declare my entire house a 'pants only party zone' - the only caveat to which is in desperate times this can become a 'full body grey cashmere track suit with a half pint of Hagen Daas as an extension of my own hand coupled with occasional stints of crouching in the corner weeping uncontrollably party zone'.

3. Listen to Radio 4 while obsessively perusing restaurant's/better human's food porn on Instagram (big up @djmofingaz, @sophindulgent & @movidamelbourne) for possible inclusions in my imaginary dream dinner that I will be sharing later with Tupac, Einstein & George Best.

4. Play non-stop XBox - which I tweet is me mastering Virtua Fighter 5/Sonic Generations listening to the Nas back catalogue but I'm really 3 Quest levels deep in Bejewelled 3 - damn you Butterflies! - with the original B3 soundtrack intact as intended.

5. See how much taurine the human body can ingest before bringing on the involuntary face twitches, hand crab rolls & non-stop one-way discussions about nazi alien 9/11 weather-related disaster conspiracies while watching a minimum of 4 hours of US government test footage of military robot dogs on YouTube (they can't be kicked over!).

I plan on doing all of the above today. Welcome to my pain cave, may I bludgeon you.


01 Angel Haze - New York (White)
02 Alyssa Vs Nas - Hard To Love Somebody (Nextmen Remix) (London Records)
03 Gramatik - Lonely and Lost (White)
04 Chic - Good Times (Kon's Night Time Remix) (White)
05 Sure Thing - Holding You Tight (Gutterfunk)
06 Frank Ocean - Lost (Def Jam)
07 Azari & III - Hungry for the Power (Jamie Jones Ridge Street Remix) (White)
08 SubScape - A Lot To Learn (Dub Police)
09 Skrillex and Damien Marley - Make it Bun Dem (Atlantic)
10 Face T - We Rule The Area (Dreadsquad Remix) (White)
11 Benny Page - Tear Down Feat Mz Bratt (High Culture)
12 Netsky - Love Has Gone (Dub Physix) (Hospital)
13 Hybrid Minds - Fade Feat Kate's Ambition (Mainframe)
14 Hybrid Minds - Hitch hike Feat Anile (Mainframe)
15 DJ Asparagus - A Tribe Called Milli (White)
16 The Nextmen VS Joe Dukie - The Drop (Original Mix) (White)


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