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Hello humans. Thanks for the curry based lowdown. We've nabbed all the info and will work our way over land and sea one massaman at a time. Big respect. Currently in the house of The Nextmen, we (moved en masse by the cultural zeitgeist of the entire waking world right now, and a few very persistent 6 year olds) are learning about superheroes. A is for Ant-man. Ant-man could shrink to any size and wore a cybernetic helmet which helped him communicate with insects so he could order them to attack his foes, the Masters of Evil. He was tragically killed by an exploding Jack of Hearts. Take out all the connective tissue from those sentences and it reads like a list of breaks DJs circa 2006. Incidentally, Ant-man was an electronics technician and adventurer - add those to the role call, nuff said. This month's podcast features bioelectric blasts from Mo Fingaz (he loves Dubstep), Rudimental, Disclosure, Jessie Ware and Sleeping Giantz to name a few. Holler. Next month is B for Blastaar, mates with Wizard and the Spaceknights of Galador. Seriously...


01 Mo Fingaz - Millie's Revenge (White)
02 Gramatik - Doing My Thing (Street Bangers)
03 9 in Common - Jealous (Original Mix) (Unknown)
04 Sleeping Giantz - Life (Tru Thoughts)
05 The Weeknd - Wicked Games (Site Of Sound)
06 Where Does The Time Go? - The Bamboos Ft. Aloe Blacc (Tru Thoughts)
07 Serious - Donna Allen (21 Records)
08 Tensnake - Congolal (original mix) (Endless Flight)
09 Once In A Lifetime - Jean Claude Gavri Re-Edit (White)
10 Groove Armada - Oh Tweak Me (Hypercolour)
11 Jessie Ware - Running (Disclosure Mix) (PMR)
12 Dusky - Mystics (Dogmatik)
13 Disclosure - Boiling (Greco Roman)
14 Rudimental - Fell The Love (VIP) (Black Butter)
15 Dub Phyzix - Never Been (Critical Music)
16 Spectrasoul - Away With Me (Calibre Remix)
17 Unknown - 3 x Scotch (White)


JägermeisterEach month they'll be bringing you a new instalment of dancehall, drum’n’bass, dubstep, reggae, roots, instrumental and actual hip hop, soul and soulful low-end boomp, funk & (UK) funky, indie, leftfield, ambient, pop and straight-up party jacking pleasers. Get your ears open and ready.

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