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Summer rolls on. It still rains a lot. They've even been rioting in the streets. Our new podcast should ease some of your woes. Serving as an antidote to the madness going on all around us. With fresh nuggets from the likes of Jay Z, Kanye, Nas, Common, Maja Jane Coles, Martyn and Ed Sheeran amongst others. The Nextmen Podcast should help you through our schizophrenic summer with ease. Be safe people.


01 Jay Z and Kanye West - Otis (Def Jam)
02 Sexual Rising - Tuff Love (White)
03 No Lay - Clock Face (No Lay's World)
04 Common Featuring Nas - Ghetto Dreams (Think Common)
05 Ed Sheeran - I Don't Need You (Culprite Remix) (Atlantic)
06 Maya Jane Coles - Senseless (Focus Now E.P) (2020 Vision Records)
07 Larse - The More I Want (Lany Recordings)
08 Martyn - Masks (Brainfeeder)
09 Zed Bias and Jenna G - Fairplay (Old Skool Remix) (Tru Thoughts)
10 Ed Rush and Optical - Lifespan (Virus)
11 London Elektricity - Round the World In A Day (Royalston Remix) (Hospital)
12 Northern Lights - Bad Boys Featuring Serum (Serial Killaz Remix) (White)
13 The Nextmen - DId No Wrong (Commix Remix) (Antidote)


JägermeisterEach month they'll be bringing you a new instalment of dancehall, drum’n’bass, dubstep, reggae, roots, instrumental and actual hip hop, soul and soulful low-end boomp, funk & (UK) funky, indie, leftfield, ambient, pop and straight-up party jacking pleasers. Get your ears open and ready.

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